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My Immortal...Part 1 - Hanging on Your Words,Living on Your Breath [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tongue Petals

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My Immortal...Part 1 [Dec. 29th, 2004|04:28 pm]
Tongue Petals



She hadn't guessed he would be home when she finally got to his house.It had been a long flight,spur of the moment.A small note left to the one she lived with telling him she needed time away.

The stress of the past months had finally gotten to her and she just needed time away from everything ; everything that was everyday to her. She didnt love it or enjoy her life any less, but the pressure of it had finally gotten to her. Rest from everything in her life that she saw everyday; her family , her work, her friends, and even her lover was all she craved now.


The long flight had not shaken her drive to escape. It mearly fueled her desire to see him; be with her "friend". She dared to even get excited at the possiblities thier first meeting would bring. It made her mosit  and drove her mad just feeling her pulsating urges between her thighs , unable to find relief. She wanted to touch herself as the plane soared high above the Atlantic. But kept her fingers firmly  intertwinded. 

"Just wait, Sophie." she thought to herself.

She was patient and enjoyed the chase, but she never expected him to be home when her shaking hand knocked on his door.