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Hanging on Your Words,Living on Your Breath

Tongue Petals
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Freedom is everything.
Sexuality is a right .
Bare your soul,your desire ,your essence to one and your soul shall fullfill itself.

This coumminity is about freedom of expression...of your sexuality, your desires or just whatever is on your mind about sex,sexuality,lust,desires,attractions,fetishs,clothes(like pvc,corsets,leather..etc.)
It is a place to express who you are in the freedom which is yours to have. There WILL be no judging here. Every lifestyle is welcomed with open and warm arms.

We are here to talk about erotica. What it is to us and our lives. In books, movies,pictures and people we see everyday, erotica is everywhere.

Write, speak, discuss and post.

Stupid ,rude or out of line remarks will be deleted.The poster will be warned ,then banned if need be.

THIS IS A MODERATED COMMUNITY. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT in one of the first three public posts to be added.
YOU MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO JOIN. Please have your birthdate clearly stated. IF not and you try to join, Your banned. Sorry..i don't need some freaky mom and dad yelling at me .


There are not many.
But like most journals of this nature ,I have to list them:

1)Picture posts are allowed, but behind Lj-cuts only please.If you don't know how to use a LJ-cut ..ASK !! first.
2)Nudes are also permitted,but again behind a lj-cut and PLEASE..list as "NOT WORK SAFE".
3)Long post, again behind a lj-cut
4) If you feel the need to be rude and judgmental, go cry to your mommy. Giving a thought is one thing.Telling someone how to live thier life is another.
5)I reserve the right to delete or close a post when deemed unfit for the community.
6)ENJOY YOURSELVES!!!!!! Any thoughts or comments to improve the community ,feel free to email me or write me a post here or on my own journal.
7) PLEASE!!!!! If you are writing a short story or poem, please put that in your heading And put anything long behind the dreaded LJ-CUT.
8)If you do not know how to do a lj cut, ASK. :)
9) Since some of the information or discussions are of mature things , this community is moderated. Meaning you have to be invited and or leave a comment in one of the first three open posts . Ask to be added and i will pretty much add you after i look at your journal , just to make sure your not a troll or a sock puppet .